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The groundbreaking shot formulated to help manage anxiety and stress, and improve focus.

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What is Nerv?

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What our customers say


"Nerv helps me concentrate so I can focus on what needs to get done instead of distractions."

Issy, Snapchat


"I took a Nerv shot in the morning before a busy day and I was both more relaxed and productive."

Laura, Consultant


"It helped me sleep soundly. When I woke I wasn't groggy, but alert and more energized."

Ashton, student


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Who is Nerv For?

What's Inside Nerv?


Be Confident

Whether you've got an important presentation, a special date or a big social event coming up, gain that extra boost of confidence with Nerv shots. You got this.


Be Calm

Feeling overwhelmed or anxious? Relax, recenter and regain that peace of mind with Nerv shots. Time to get back to that calm sense of self.


Be Focused

Big deadline coming up? Whether you're distracted or feeling overwhelmed, turn on your concentration with Nerv shots and maximize your productivity.

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