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Be Confident

Whether you've got a important presentation coming up, a special date or a big social event coming up, erase your worries and doubts with Nerv shots. You got this.


Be Calm

Feeling overwhelmed and anxious with everything happening around you? Calm your worries with Nerv shots and get some peace of mind. 


Be Focused

Whether you're easily distracted, have jumbled thoughts or are just feeling overwhelmed, Nerv shots have got your back!  Turn on concentration and maximize your productivity.

The Formula

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"After taking a Nerv shot, I felt more in control of my emotions."

James, Graduate student


"I seemed to feel better after the test bottle yesterday (Nerv shot), but not today (placebo)."

Gary, Professor


"It helped me sleep soundly. When I woke I wasn't groggy, but alert and more energized."

Ashton, Undergrad student