Who we are 

Nerv™ is a wellness company on a mission to provide a healthy and effective source of focus and stress relief. We know what it feels like to be anxious and stressed, and at first we didn’t have anywhere to turn. So we came up with something ourselves. Nerv Shots, our premier product, contain ingredients that help you manage anxiety and stress so you feel confident and focused to tackle whatever comes your way.

Our Story

Nerv was created by Dr Michael Jiang, a young neuroscientist born in Inner Mongolia and brought to America on a scholarship. Michael noticed many fellow students repeatedly experiencing debilitating episodes of anxiety and stress.

Michael, along with his co-founder Callum Alexander, have built the company with the mission to provide a healthy, affordable and effective source of focus and stress relief.

In 2016, Michael formulated Pherelax™ - the key active ingredient in Nerv. After winning the Bernard Pitch the Summit Competition, Nerv generated thousands of online pre-orders on Indiegogo where it was fully funded in under a week and featured as a trending product.

As Michael says, “Nerv is the yin to the yang of modern life." While generations of youth are growing up ingesting energy drinks to hyperstimulate their senses, massive overconsumption of stimulants is only worsening the problem. Nerv works in the opposite way to an energy drink, promoting calm and mindfulness. "I guess you could call Nerv the 'anti' energy drink,” Michael says.



 To create a healthy, affordable and effective source of focus and stress relief, so you can be the best you.