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Nerv was seed funded by Lab25, an early-stage investor in great ideas

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The Product

Product Specs

• Over-the-counter 2 fl oz shot-type drink 

• Naturally flavored

• 0 calories

• 0 sugar 

• 0 caffeine

• Can act within 30mins 

• Can last up to 10 hours


• Flavor: Citrus

• Price: $3.99 per bottle / $21.99 per 6 pack / $39.99 per 12 pack (click here for full selection)

• Shelf life: 1 year





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The Founders


Born in Inner Mongolia, Dr Michael Jiang is a neuroscientist and entrepreneur who grew up in Australia. He uses data driven methods to innovate and pioneer technology to advance human health. Michael received his Ph.D. from Emory University, where he was a Division Scholar in Neuroscience.


Callum Alexander has a background in public policy and media, with previous experience at the World Bank and in film financing. Originally from London, Callum holds degrees from the University of St Andrews and Emory University, where he studied business and media as a Robert T. Jones Scholar.

How It Works

Our unique Pherelax™ blend consists of naturally occurring and nutritional supplements, classified by the FDA, that are clinically proven to combat anxiety and stress. Learn more about the science.

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Speaking Engagements

Dr. Michael Jiang is available for speaking engagements on topics of neuroscience, mental health, and entrepreneurship for university and corporate events, classes, and conventions. To submit a speaking request please contact Holly with your contact and event details. 

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